Did you make a 2019 resolution? Is it to stop, start or continue to do something? Is it just resolution, or is it an idea tied to a commitment? Without a commitment, how likely is it that there will be any stopping, starting or continuity of anything? If you are not ready to commit you may as well, go back to sleep.

Achievement is reserved for those who are awake, (mindfully) and committed to endure the journey; a journey paved with hard work, intermittent wins, temporary setbacks and a scale of emotions that may range from optimism to frustration to discouragement to, hopefully, a profound feeling of achievement.

 To set upon your journey, however, you will need a positive attitude, the belief that you can actually achieve your goal and, a commitment. Just as important, your first step into the Mile toward your goal should be taken with an open and nimble mind. You may need to adapt and adjust along the way, and that’s OK.

 Furthermore, I believe defining (Success) the pursuit of a worthy goal is a good idea. It illuminates your path. If you are “continuing” something, you may already be working with a definition, perhaps your own, and if you are satisfied with your progress, stay on your path. Who is to say any one definition is wrong or better than another. It’s personal. Still, here I share my definition with the hope that it provides a perspective for those who are now beginning their journey and for those already on theirs and, are open to such a perspective.

“Success is a series of emotional experiences lived while in the pursuit of a worthy goal. The achievement of that goal is the embodiment of your Success”.

Having stopped, (I am no longer a smoker), started, (I’m actually losing weight) or continued, (Becoming a better Me, living a better Life), is what that embodiment looks like. Of course, besides yours, they are endless other profiles.

Now. Are you ready to set upon your journey, Good? On your mark, get set, give it your best shot.

Start with treating the pursuit of your goal as a serious endeavor. Otherwise, as I mentioned before, go back to sleep.

Be unstoppable. You will need to be passion-driven as you pursue your goal. Don’t beat yourself up if you encounter setbacks. Press on with anxious anticipation; not FEAR.

Overcoming obstacles, as they will arise, is where your degree of commitment will determine if you are to achieve your goal. Realize that “Attaining many things in life is much easier than making the commitment to actually attain them”. In the words of the late Zig Ziglar, you must be the bacon in a “Bacon and Egg” breakfast. In it, the chicken is merely involved. But, the pig is committed. You see, the chicken can always lay another egg. But the pig gives his life so that you may have bacon.

Be confident. Confidence and positive expectation is what will keep you moving toward your goal. It will get you out of bed in the morning. It will pull you into the future with anxious anticipation.

Be enthusiastic. Of course, you will need to have the “get-up-and-go” to get to where you want to be. However, don’t expect anyone to share a drink in your vision of a successful journey toward your goal if your pop has no fizz. Fizz is the enthusiasm gas that exudes from the passion you are driven by and, it can be contagious. You will need this gas because you alone cannot achieve your goal; others will be involved. However, to keep them involved, it will take enthusiasm to capture their imagination and gain their trust to journey with you. Keep your Emotional tank filled with Enthusiasm gas.

Be smart. Know what to do, what steps to take. Follow directions, figure things out, seek advice, research, etc.

Be satisfied. You should be satisfied having achieved your goal. Celebrate! You should also be satisfied even if you did not achieve your goal—It’s Life. The Universe does not always conspire with us, and it may be why we don’t always get what we want even having done all that was required or expected. Still, the time and the experiences lived will never be in vain. It is your Life lived; a life that qualifies you to say, “I gave it my best shot,”. It talks to the Journey, your Journey, and the series of emotional experiences lived. A worthwhile Time of Life lived.

Now. I realize that for some, this mindset may not be easily adaptable and, I understand. Having put all on the line, and still fail, could be overwhelming. For those I offer this perspective. “Think of Failure as nothing more than a temporary experience. It is not a permanent condition or a terminal disease. Experience it, and then let it go. Survive it, and try again. Nothing scares away Failure more than another Try. Nothing is more attractive to Success, than Courage; the courage to try again.”

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