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Hello. I am William Garcia, Philosopher, author of the book titled, Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is, and…, your host.

Being a Mindfulness practitioner…, and before I open with the quote of this day, I invite you to join me in a mindfulness affirmation… Ready…. First…, take a deep breath with me…. That felt good, right? Now…, repeat after me…, It is Now O’ Clock…. I am… I am here … I am here now… I am open to be inspired.  

Now…, let’s take another deep breath.

Of course…, you can affirm your mindfulness and do the breathing exercise on your own or with someone else, and I strongly recommend you do. Make it at least a twice daily routine. But if you also want to do it with me…, let’s do it.

 I believe this mindfulness affirmation will help tune your sense of presence…, your mindful sense of presence in the only occasion that matters in your life…Now.

It is Now O’ Clock…, time for the quote of this day.

Episode 69

How long have you known the person you most love? How long have the person who loves you the most, known you?

Todays’ quote is titled: STRANGER

How ironic it is that we treat strangers as “others” not being mindful, that at the same time, we are strangers to them. Now…, how strange is that? Unquote.

To begin with, we are all born not knowing what being alive was…, not knowing who, and I dare say, what we were.

Not knowing who or what we were, and not knowing what being alive was…, made us strangers to Life itself.

Basically, our first relationship with Life was pure instinctual. Intellect was something we acquired with time, teaching, and learning.

Mom, and sometimes Dad, was the first person we had a human relationship with. Being cared for over time we became more and more familiar with each other. We became relatives, no longer strangers. She became Mom. He became Dad, and we became their sons, their daughters, their children.

But I give credit to who credit is due…, of course…, Mom. Our first relationship started with Mom. Son, daughter, or child. We all started in the sanctuary, that is her body.

Then, as we grew…, we became more and more familiar with other relatives. Then we encountered other people, other children…, who at first were total strangers. Some we wanted to relate to, and others who did not want to relate. Some became friends, and others, well others, were neither friend nor foe…, just fellow Time travelers we crossed paths with on our separate journey through life.

Those we became friends, lovers, or spouses with, were first total strangers to us, as we were to them. They were others. We were others.

It is what I believe, the order of Life is. We grow from the unknown…, to the known.

I also believe, destiny is what presents first encounters. Knowledge and choice are what initiates engagement and connection at one level or another. The knowledge that someone is unknown to us…, the choice made to engage, and the result being friendships, lovers, or spouses…, sometimes for life.

In the end, and as I slip out of my body and into the other side of Time, I will have known only somethings about myself, regardless how long I had lived. Those who knew me would have known, less.

Just as I was born in Time, I was born a stranger to Life itself…, and when I transcend into the other side of Time…, then, and there too, I believe, it will be as a stranger. This is one of the great enigmas of life. Strange, isn’t it?

Tune in next time for the quote of the day…. It may be that one quote you are searching for…. That quote that ignites your passion and gears you up for achievement…, or…, it may be the quote that…, as you journey through life…, illuminates your path…, brings you peace…, love…, and happiness. Share what you find here with someone else. It may be a quote…, that for them…, may set them…, or keep them on a path to a better life.

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