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Episode 70

What goes around, comes around. Is this true?

The quote of this day is: 180 DEGREES

Life is a 180-degree experience, not 360. There is no,” what goes around comes around”. There is never a precise repetition of any time, or life experience, however brief. How could there be, when we are always living in the instant between the past and the future as Time flies? Unquote.

I have said these words before, and as I did then, I do now remind you of another quote of mine. Quote, Now, is that constant instant between the past and the future. It is the only time we live, and the only time we can do something about almost anything, unquote.

I emphasize the word “precise”. It determines the difference between what is the same and what is similar. Moreover, and what governs it all, is that everything happens only in the Now, and Now is as precise and unique as it gets with respect to what happens in Life.

I don’t know if you read my book, Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is. In the chapter, Life Lasts but an Instant, I discuss what may be thought of as hair-splitting when it comes to Life in Time and the constant instant, we live in. In that same chapter I gave proof that Life does indeed last but an instant. Be curious…. read or listen to it.

So, yes. Similar or same may seem to be one and the same. But it can’t be, right? That we have a similar recollection does not determine an equal repetition of anything. In other words, what goes around, does not come around.

The next time something similar happens…, every variable surrounding the event will be different; different place, different people, different weather conditions, different circumstances, whatever…, different everything.

At this point, I think you know where I am going with this reasoning. That there are two other differences…, one a consequence of the other. The first is Time, a new and different time…, and you, as a consequence of Time…, a new and different You.

If this sounds like hair-splitting to you. Let me try to explain. Of course, topics like this one is not of the garden variety type; definitely, not water cooler type chit chat.

It may be too deep or esoteric to many. Still, I hope you may indulge me with curiosity, patience, and an open mind.

Time is attributable to nothing, while Life is attributable to Time. Moreover, Time is Now and Now is the only time we live…., and every time we live now, we are left with one Now…, less to live.

Listen, Time is not only attributable to nothing. It is also inexhaustible. On the other hand, Life is attributable to Time, and it is a finite series of experiences.

In broader terms, every day we live, leaves one day less to live. Of course, this involves everything that happens…, everything we do.

I believe when we think of things as having come around, there is much to be learned. Something may occur to us that at the time was lost in the great mix of what goes on during any life experience. It may be a lesson to be learned, a precious nugget of knowledge or wisdom in it, and there to be discovered or appreciated.

There is nothing quite as Life. But in its imitation, it is like watching a movie for a second, maybe a third time, and noticing things that I missed.

“I can’t believe I missed that”, I would say to myself. Sometimes it would be something very important, revealing, and helpful to me in having a better understanding of the plot.

I am 100% sure I am not the only one here.

By the way, this has also happened to me when looking at photos, sometimes ones I took myself, and noticing something that was always there but now…, new to me.

Yes, Life experiences do not happen in a circle, they happen on the straight line we live on; the straight line that is, Time. A 180-degree experience.

Tune in next time for the quote of the day…. It may be that one quote you are searching for…. That quote that ignites your passion and gears you up for achievement…, or…, it may be the quote that…, as you journey through life…, illuminates your path…, brings you peace…, love…, and happiness. Share what you find here with someone else. It may be a quote…, that for them…, may set them…, or keep them on a path to a better life.

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