Welcome to season 2…, Mindful Quotes, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A series of my own fresh and original inspirational quotes…. Of course, we can all benefit from being inspired…, and many of us have our favorite quote.

Some of you may be searching for yours…. That one quote that inspires you to be a better, healthier, and happier You…. Of course, Success as well…, embodies these attributes.

There is a quote here for almost everyone. Listen for yours.

Hello. I am William Garcia, Philosopher, author of the book titled, Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is, and…, your host.

Being a Mindfulness practitioner…, and before I open with the quote of this day, I invite you to join me in a mindfulness affirmation… Ready…. First…, take a deep breath with me…. That felt good, right? Now…, repeat after me…, It is Now O’ Clock…. I am… I am here … I am here now… I am open to be inspired.

Now…, let’s take another deep breath.

Of course…, you can affirm your mindfulness and do the breathing exercise on your own or with someone else, and I strongly recommend you do. Make it at least a twice daily routine. But if you also want to do it with me…, let’s do it.

I believe this mindfulness affirmation will help tune your sense of presence…, your mindful sense of presence in the only occasion that matters in your life…Now.

It is Now O’ Clock…, time for the quote of this day.

Episode 23

Life…, being mostly an emotional experience…, it is up to us to steer our thoughts toward…, not only making our journey meaningful and satisfying…, but it should also be lived with purpose and passion.

Today’s quote is titled: POSITIVITY IN MOTION

Life exists only in the Present…, only Now…, and just “Being” alive is absolutely positive…. But living with purpose and passion…, is positivity in motion…, unquote.

We all live with purpose and passion…, and to one degree or another…. We have our own aspiration and reasons for how we live. Some of us are more driven than others…, it would seem…. But we are all individuals…, with our own perceptions, potential and goals…. Just keep in mind that your goals…, whatever they may be, are your own…, and no one else’s. So is the path and the pace you set for yourself to get there.

Do not allow yourself to be pressured by anyone else’s expectation of you. With your own positive expectation, just give life your best shot, and you are likely to hit your target. If for some reason you don’t…, you would not have missed by so far off that you cannot live a good life…, a life lived with purpose and passion…, your own…, purpose and passion.

Living is about making choices, right? But how do we make those choices…, if we do…, and why or why not?