Welcome to Minding Your Mind, a weekly show for those looking for new thinking about old knowledge in the areas of Time, Living, Success, Health, Love, and Happiness. Each episode script is accompanied with its audio version. However, you can go wherever else you listen to podcasts.

 Hello, I am your host, William Garcia, Philosopher and author of the book titled Now O’ Clock…Being Mindful, it Always is.

 Can we be more mindful about embracing life? Of course, we can, but are we? If you are…, you’re good. If you are not…, now is always the right time to start. If you’re not sure you are, and are curious…, then it’s time for you to Mind your Mind.

In fact, throughout the series you we will need to mind your mind, because we will be talking about life as it happens in the areas I mentioned.  In some cases, and under certain circumstances, I will provide you with the Mind food you can use. It’s Now O’ Clock. Let’s dig in!