Here is a quote: “Now”, is that constant instant between the Past and the Future. It is the only Time we live and the only Time we can “do”something about almost anything”. Essentially, Life is a “doing” proposition fueled by our emotions and steered by our thoughts and beliefs. It is how we choose to “do” what we do.  

The winter season is soon upon us. It is when it seems we are nicest to each other; right? Of course! It’s the holidays. We give, we share and we help, just to be kind. The truth is, many of us are like this all year long and we “do” what we do for goodness sake, and nothing more. When we drop money into the salvation army’s Red kettle, we don’t give a thought about the beliefs of those who are helped. We just help. We just give. The same is true when we encounter persons asking us for money or food. We give, just to be kind.  

Now, why should “the holidays” be any different? It’s still about “being” human, being kind to other humans. It should not matter that people of different faiths have different greetings and names for these times. What should matter is simply being kind to one another…… regardless.

Think about this for a second. If we switched Monday for Friday the only thing would happen is that we would all start chanting, “God I hate Fridays” and “Thank God it’s Monday”. It’s about our emotions; how we feel about life. It is about life in Time; not life on Mondays or Fridays or Christmas.

Time does not care what we call it or name it. It is simply a transparent canvas that reflects and display how we behave toward each other. Thinking about it, naming Time or periods of Time is the only thing we can do with it. Similarly, who I am is not my name. Who I am is what I believe and how I behave toward you.

I believe kindness can eradicate “diseases” like apathy, fear, hate and distrust. Being kind, we can all be happy together, and Now is always the best time to be kind. After all, it is always Now and because it is, Kindness has no season.

 Since we are in the “season” however, and in this same spirit, let us remember and extend good will, care and help to this year’s victims of disasters. They are all in need of kindness right about now. The same kindness that has very little to do with whatever we believe this season means.

Our beliefs belong to us and to those who share it. Others have their own and those who share it. But, here, we’re talking about the unknowable to which any answer as to whose belief is right or wrong may only be revealed on the other side of Time. Meanwhile, on this side, we know what it means to be kind and fortunately, kindness belong to us all. We just have to “be”.

Being kind engenders peace, joy, harmony and love; streams that fill our hearts with happiness. Isn’t this what we all are searching for? “Of course it is”. Then let us focus on what is most important in our greetings, the kindness of it all, and the one very special and beautiful thing they have in common:  THEY ALL WISH HAPPINESS!  

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy Life in Time.

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