Episode 15

Welcome to Minding Your Mind, a weekly show for those looking for new thinking about old knowledge in the areas of Time, Living, Success, Health, Love, and Happiness.

In episode 14, I talked about what gets us to questioning things. Is it a natural ability we have lost, or was taken away from us? I shared my mind about why I believe…, it is something too many of us have allowed to happen.

Hello, William Garcia here. I am your host and author of the book titled Now O’ Clock… Being Mindful… it Always is.

 Today, I will talk about what I call Thanks-Sharing, having merry holidays and becoming a better, happier, and new you.

Just a heads up. This is the last episode in this series…, Minding Your Mind.

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday tradition…, and I love it. It is a good thing… For me it is the start of the festive season. It is not a time to go on a diet… It is time to pig out, drink and share fun and wonderful times with family and friends.

But you don’t have to pig out and drink like me. You can have a great time either way.

But…, if you are one who thinks losing a few pounds would be a good or necessary thing to do…, I don’t think there is a better time to test your resolve. I think it is the most challenging time to go on a diet.

If you can start and stick to a diet from…, just before Thanksgiving and through the Christmas holidays, I believe you will never have to diet again. You would have overcome a great challenge. After that, making and following through new year resolutions could be a breeze…, don’t you think?

Of course, I am aware that there are other considerations when talking about losing weight, pigging out and drinking. You may have your own consideration. Be mindful of them and celebrate anyway… Cheers!!

Anyway…, I get anxious just thinking about getting together to celebrate over a feast fit for “kings” and “queens”. I can’t wait to get my hands on a turkey wing.

Thanksgiving Day is a time when the calendar reminds us to be grateful. But grateful for, or about, what?

Regardless…, being grateful for anything or anyone is always a good thing. Even being grateful for being who we are…, right?

Remember…, and to quote my Mindfulness mentor, Dr. Gus Castellanos…, “there is always more right with you than is wrong with you, regardless of what is wrong”.

 Try to always remember this about yourself…, about anyone else, for that matter. For most of us…., most of the time…, this is true. I am willing to bet that right now it is true for you… Appreciate yourself.

Thank goodness, this expression of gratitude is deserved by you and all others…, all year round.

 Unfortunately, the reality of life today…, is that too many of us are stressed by a barrage of daily distractions, pressing obligations and one deadline after another.

It seems we are always trying to catch our breath… Small wonder why remembering to be grateful…, too often…, is an afterthought.

 Regardless…, it does not have to be this way. Calendar aside…, we are always experiencing the ultimate reason to be grateful…, Life… “Yeah right” …, you may say… Ok… Let’s see… Think about what I am about to say. It is sort of a head check…. Ready?

There are 86,400 seconds in any given day… Do we agree?…  OK… Now…, being absolutely honest with yourself…, think about how many of those seconds of your life suck…, how many are good…, how many are…, I like to say…, good enough for now, and how many are just OK.

I use seconds as a measure to get you thinking about, Now…, the only time you can be alive…, and that your life lasts less than a second… It last but an instant…, remember?

If this is not the first episode you have listened to…, did I have to remind you of this? Do I also have to remind you that you are always living your entire life…; nor some of it…; not most of it…., but all of it …, all the time?… I guess I just did.

Now…, still being honest with yourself…, is it not true that most of the time your life is not bad…; that most of the time you are good enough for now?

If you are still searching for reasons to be grateful, I hope what I just said causes a shift in your perspective.

I hope this Thanksgiving Day you find new meaning and reasons to be grateful even if you are already a grateful one. I hope you can share and enjoy your life with family and friends. I wish you a Happy Thanks-Sharing Day.

If this is your first listening…, please listen to my other episodes. You will get a better sense of my mind about this and other interesting and thought-provoking topics about time, life and living.

Anyway…, I know it is up to me to be mindful about being grateful throughout my daily life. It is up to me to slow down and take a moment to “be” grateful for those I love…, for the abundance of things that are simple, meaningful, and priceless…, a brand-new sunrise, morning dew on a blooming flower, an unexpected cool breeze on a warm day, an old fashion chat over a cup of coffee or tea…, and so much else.

Try to make it a habit to take a moment, from time to time…, to stop…, to take a deep breath and simply notice how you are being in the world around you. You will find, that as simple an exercise this is…, how much of a big difference it will make in your daily life… Try it. You will be grateful you did.

Imagine if more of us made “being” mindful to “be” so grateful. Imagine sharing that sense of gratitude with everyone…, starting with those at the table this Thanksgiving. 

Still…, we don’t have to leave it up to our imagination. This year, we can try something different.

After you thank God for the meal you are about to receive, don’t begin to talk about things that can be divisive and disruptive… You know what I mean.

Those kinds of conversations can ruin an experience that is supposed to be one of sharing and gratitude. Leave them for after dinner or, better yet…, have them on a different occasion… a different place and time.

Traditions are what they are…, and they all have a beginning. This Thanksgiving start something new…; something that can be done on any day, date, or time.

This time, you set the tone. Start by thanking those at the table for coming together to celebrate life. Talk about why you are grateful… and ask that everyone talk about what or who they are thankful for.

It could be thanking someone at the table for simply being there, for the surprise visit, or for simply being who they are.

Trust me, with so much to be grateful for, you will run out of food long before you run out of gratitude.

The truth is…, that expressions of gratitude reveal stories that bring us closer together. They remind us how special and connected we are to each other. They may even make dinner taste so much better…  Talk about them… Tell your story… Share your sense of gratitude.

The reality is, that there are always reasons for Thanks-sharing. We don’t need to be guided by the calendar to be reminded.

Even so…, I love the idea that many, many people are celebrating on a particular day. It is like a great coming and being together…, for the same reason.

We need only to be more mindful that being alive and living…, is reason enough to come together. This Thanksgiving let Thanks-sharing be the whip cream on your favorite pie. Let Thanks-sharing be a daily expression of the life you are always experiencing.

It’s Now O’ Clock. Time to be grateful. Time to share. Thank you.

Still talking about celebrating…, I am sure you have noticed the ads about holidays long before they get here. I am sure Christmas comes to mind.

During these Times we should all take a few moments to reflect on how our lives have unfolded…, then let it all go: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Of course…, memories are what they are…, and we cannot forget.

Still…, from Time to Time, it is always nice to reminisce about the good Times.

For now, though…, and from Now on…, we can and should focus on making new memories with the belief and expectation that Life can always be better…; that we… can “be” better.

What we “do” with our lives from Now on is where the focus should be.

 A quote titled, A Doing Proposition: It is important that our focus be on “Being” aware that living is a “Doing” proposition fueled by emotions and steered by our thoughts”. – William Garcia

Yes…, Life can always be better…, when we are better humans.

Now…, what do we do with this Life we are living during Time that elapses as it does?

This is the season of giving, sharing, helping and…, being kind.

Most of us are like this all year long and we “do” what we do for goodness’s sake and…, nothing more. We don’t question the people we are kind to.

When we donate blood, we do not ask or are concerned who the recipient will be.

What they believe…, their faith…, their race or their color does not factor into our act of kindness to give. It is the same when we donate to our favorite charities. We only know that they are humans like us…, and it is all that matters.

So…, why should these Times be different? We are still “being” human…, being kind to humans. It should not matter what anyone believes these Times mean…, what they name it…, and why they celebrate.

We should accept each other’s truths and beliefs…, and behave with respect, consideration and…, without judgment. “Being” human, we can all “be” happy together this season and beyond.

Of course…, kindness and gift-giving during these Times is traditional and spreads good-will and harmony in the world…, and that’s a good thing.

Always remember though…, that any Time is the best Time…, all the time…, to “be” kind.

During the holiday season…, and in this same spirit…, let us remember to extend good will, care, and help to those who have suffered and lost so much in the last two years. They are all in need of kindness even while they are being kind to each other as they live as best, they can.

Remember, “Now” is that constant instant that never stops, and we can’t know when we will have another opportunity to be kind and spread “good” throughout the world.

A quote titled: TODAY
“Too many, take tomorrow for granted, not realizing that there is no guarantee, that the Sun again will rise, or that we may awake from sleep. Make the most of your day today… now that you are awake”. – William Garcia

We don’t have to wait for a new year to start a new resolution to “be” kind. “Now” is the only Time there is to “be” the best human you can be.

The reality “is”, that we do not run out of the inexhaustible element that is Time. Furthermore…, Time does not care what you call or name it. It is just a canvas. It is why we should focus more on reasons to celebrate Life.

“Who I am…, is not my name. Who I am…, is what I believe, and how I behave toward you”. – William Garcia

“Our behavior is reflected and…, at the same time…, displayed on the canvas of Time for the world to see and be terrified or…, inspired by”. – William Garcia

A quote titled, A Contagious Ease: “Doing anything positive for someone…, or for ourselves…, makes a positive difference all around… It can be like spreading a contagious “Ease” …; a positive act that does not have to be anything spectacular… It could be to simply say…, “I love you” or…, “I’m here if you need to talk” … It could be the offer to bring someone a drink of water…, a chair to sit on…, or a pillow to lie on”. – William Garcia

If more people would spread their own ease…, I believe it would stamp out diseases like Apathy, Hate, Fear and Distrust.

Whether you have faith in the unknowable or you don’t…, there is no good reason to judge. Your belief belongs to you and to those who share it. The same consideration should be granted to each human regardless of their beliefs. After all …, we’re talking about the unknowable to which any answer as to whose belief is right or wrong…, may only be revealed on the other side of Time.

Meanwhile…, and on this side…, we have life. The least we should do…, is behave with Kindness, Respect and Consideration…, if only for goodness’s sake.

Celebrate your own life and share in the celebration with others…, celebrating theirs.

We all know that “being” kind brings Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love…, streams that all lead to Happiness.

Now…, isn’t this what we all are searching for?… “Of course, it is”.

The beauty of it though…, is that Happiness has no gender, no race, no color, and no creed. It is always available for all to experience and enjoy. “Being” happy is what Life is ultimately about.

Look no further and pay attention to the season greetings we extend to each other…, irrespective of the words used. They are acts of kindness and have one very special and beautiful thing in common: THEY ALL WISH HAPPINESS. This gives me hope and…, I’m sure…, makes God smile.

But it all starts with you.

 Like Thanks-sharing, it is a wonderful time to celebrate with Christmas trees, lights everywhere and lots of gifts. Another calendar reminder for many to come together to celebrate our connectivity to each other as humans… A time to be kind.

Even so…, tomorrow will not get here any sooner than it will. So, there is time to contemplate 2022…; A new dawn…, a new year…; A new time to take a fresh look into the future of You.

But first…, let us remember…, as painful as it may be for many…, why it is so important to chart a new course and embark upon a new journey.

For just a moment…, reflect on the many…, perhaps yourself, loved ones or, a friend…, how heart breaking, challenging, unpredictable and tumultuous 2020 was, and 2021has been.

They have been busy and destructive hurricane seasons…; millions were out of work, many businesses closed their doors good…; a time in the life of a fractured society…, a hotly and ugly contested election…, the rise of serious concern about the specter of Authoritarianism on one hand and of Socialism on the other. Most alarmingly though, was the threat of the demise of our Democracy.

Fortunately, things are coming around and getting better. Many…, including myself…, are more hopeful…, a little less stressed and able to…, together with the country…, carry on with the business of life and living…, as best we can. 

Fortunately, the mean season of the wrath put upon us by the historic, unforgiving, indiscriminate, and deadly COVID19 pandemic…, appears to be waning.

Confusion about what is the “truth”, mass disinformation and the pointless fight between the Masked and the Mask-less…, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated…, also seem to be waning with more people coming to terms with reality.

COVID vaccinations roll out continues as minds are changed.

Soon enough COVID19 infections will become as manageable as the Flu. At least…, it is my great hope.

My heart goes out to the victims of hurricanes, economic hardships, and especially those who have lost loved ones and those who are still suffering.

I can only begin to imagine what that is like. With you I share a quote. I hope it helps. “Trust God, and as you do your best, believe in yourself, be patient, and trust your destiny”. – William Garcia

Hopefully, there will be a positive ripple effect on all else that has happened during these last 2 years. It would allow us to slowly exhale, take a long deep fresh breath and seize the opportunity to shift our focus toward realizing a better future…, and a better Self; … A new and happy You.

However, becoming a better Self…; a better You…, will depend upon letting go of the past and embracing positive expectations about the future…; your future…, the future of those you love…, and the world.

But you must start with stepping out of your 2020 and 2021 Self…, and into the new You…, with happiness as the daily goal. Start with taking better care of your… Self, being kinder to your… Self…, being grateful for being You, and all that is good and right about life and living.

Invite someone else to join you on this journey, or…, to embark upon their own… I’m sure they will appreciate it. Together you will find that your journey will bring other people together as one…; one of you…, one of me…, and one of us…We.

A quote titled, Add a little Us: “We” make the world go around, not “I”; so add a little “Us” into your Life and thank God that “We” exist, together, right here, right Now”. – William Garcia

Now is always a unique moment…, and being in a unique moment, makes you brand new in this moment. After all, it is always true…, that it is always the first time we live in this moment…; that we are always…, always living on the edge of Time.

We are always new even as we grow old. So, we may as well “be” as we are…; New…, Now… Why not?

For this reason, I do not make new year resolutions. What I do instead is be…, resolute in trying to be always mindful and aware that I can only be alive in the present moment…, in this Now…, and because my life unfolds in a seamless and continuous stream of Nows…, not seconds, hours, days or months.

Of course, like you…, I have goals. But they too unfold as I do in Time.

“Only now can I “be” …, Only now can I “do” …, Only now can I be kind to my… Self. Only now can I care… Only now can I do what I need to do to move on and into my journey towards the happy “me” I deserve to “be”. The happy You…, you deserve to be…, The happy world it deserves to be”. –  William Garcia

As unique as we all are…, our journey will be uniquely different. But the goal of experiencing daily happiness will be the same…, and so should one of our other goals be…, to share and inspire others to seek the same. It is what I hope to do here.

By the way…, if you don’t already, I recommend that you learn about and start practicing Mindfulness meditation… I do…, and it really makes a positive difference in my daily life. Happiness seems more easily attainable.

Going forward…, I encourage you to start your new day tomorrow being a mindful You…, a happy You with a fresh perspective, and not to just wake up to smell the coffee, but to slow down and taste Life… one sip… at a time… Cheers!!

I can’t say this and so many other things I have said…, often enough. With so much there is and so much going on at any giving moment…, it is so easy to not remember.

It’s Now O’ Clock. Merry Holidays and a Happy New You.

Have a great Life.

As I said in the beginning, this is my last talk in this series…, Minding Your Mind.

For you who just listened…, and those who have listened to all…, or any other episode…, and to those who have benefited in some small way…, and those who shared my work…, I thank and appreciate you so much… I wish you all that is good in life.

 Moving forward…, please…, always expect that today…, something good will happen to you or to someone you love.

Still, stop by my website, nowoclock.live. There you will find more original, positive, inspirational, and thought-provoking content you can mind your mind with. Share what you find there and spread any idea you agree is worth spreading. There is something there as there was here, for almost everyone. I hope there was for you.