Welcome to season 2…, Mindful Quotes, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A series of my own fresh and original inspirational quotes…. Of course, we can all benefit from being inspired…, and many of us have our favorite quote.

Some of you may be searching for yours…. That one quote that inspires you to be a better, healthier, and happier You…. Of course, Success as well…, embodies these attributes.

There is a quote here for almost everyone. Listen for yours.

Hello. I am William Garcia, Philosopher, author of the book titled, Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is, and…, your host.

Being a Mindfulness practitioner…, and before I open with the quote of this day, I invite you to join me in a mindfulness affirmation… Ready…. First…, take a deep breath with me…. That felt good, right? Now…, repeat after me…, It is Now O’ Clock…. I am… I am here … I am here now… I am open to be inspired.

Now…, let’s take another deep breath.

Of course…, you can affirm your mindfulness and do the breathing exercise on your own or with someone else, and I strongly recommend you do. Make it at least a twice daily routine. But if you also want to do it with me…, let’s do it.

I believe this mindfulness affirmation will help tune your sense of presence…, your mindful sense of presence in the only occasion that matters in your life…Now.

It is Now O’ Clock…, time for the quote of this day.

Episode 17

When is the best time to love?

I shared this same quote with you in episode 10. Here…,  I share another perspective.

Today’s quote is titled: LOVE NOW

 It is especially important to now, love those you love…, and to love them much and often. Why wait until tomorrow when…, the idea of Tomorrow…, and it is just an idea…, is only an expectation of an imaginary Time to come…. Now is as real as it gets…. Now is the only Time you can love…, unquote.

I will do it tomorrow. What? Love? What is the act of love you say you want to put off for tomorrow? Of course…, of course…, I realize that somethings can’t happen before its time. But some things can happen all the time. Remember the little things?

Still…, I am not suggesting that you love someone every moment of the day. Sometimes we’re not able to seize the opportunity even when it is available.

What I am suggesting though, is that you love more often than you do now…. You never know when else you can even knowing…, now is the only time you can. Keep this in mind today.

We buy a house, make a home of it, and then proceed to fill it with stuff.

Tune in next time for the quote of the day…. It may be that one quote you are searching for…. That quote that ignites your passion and gears you up for achievement…, or…, it may be the quote that…, as you journey through life…, illuminates your path…, brings you peace…, love…, and happiness. Share what you find here with someone else. It may be a quote…, that for them…, may set them…, or keep them on a path to a better life.

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