An Invisible Foe

We have identified this invisible foe as the enemy in this war we are now fighting, and that enemy is the CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19. Of course, it is important to know your enemy, and because we do, we know what precautions to take.  The precautions (regular hand washing, social distancing and self-quarantine) put in place, are first […]


Now What

I heard a prisoner say, “You can lock me up and segregate me from the general inmate population, (gen-pop), but you cannot imprison my mind”. For me, these words are relevant and applicable during the CORONAVIRUS pandemic, (COVID-19) and the precautions put in place. We are cautioned to practice regular hand washing, social distancing and […]

Book on How to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Do Books Help in Training Mind & Teach to Stay Calm?

Do books really help to train the mind to stay calm in stressful situations? There is no conclusive answer to this question. However, those who’ve experienced learning lessons by reading will testify it does. Those who haven’t read books on the subject, may not be aware of the benefits that can be had through the lessons inscribed […]

Principles of Life: Key For Happy Life By William Garcia

There is no manual for life. We keep learning as we live along. However, that doesn’t mean we close the doors of learning either. There are lessons we learn through experience, or by advice from other experienced individuals. This is the high point where certain principles of life work as a key to opening doorway […]

5 Time Management Strategies

5 Time Management Strategies From “Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is” – An Insight

This may be the first time you have heard or read about the new concept of life-in-time management. This concept is a doable proposition as opposed to “time” management. William minded this concept based on the reality that we can no more manage the weather than we can manage the inexhaustible element, that is Time. […]