Welcome to season 2…, Mindful Quotes, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A series of my own fresh and original inspirational quotes…. Of course, we can all benefit from being inspired…, and many of us have our favorite quote. 

Some of you may be searching for yours…. That one quote that inspires you to be a better, healthier, and happier You…. Of course, Success as well…, embodies these attributes. 

There is a quote here for almost everyone. Listen for yours.

Hello. I am William Garcia, Philosopher, author of the book titled, Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is, and…, your host.

Being a Mindfulness practitioner…, and before I open with the quote of this day, I invite you to join me in a mindfulness affirmation… Ready…. First…, take a deep breath with me…. That felt good, right? Now…, repeat after me…, It is Now O’ Clock…. I am… I am here … I am here now… I am open to be inspired.  

Now…, let’s take another deep breath.

Of course…, you can affirm your mindfulness and do the breathing exercise on your own or with someone else, and I strongly recommend you do. Make it at least a twice daily routine. But if you also want to do it with me…, let’s do it.

 I believe this mindfulness affirmation will help tune your sense of presence…, your mindful sense of presence in the only occasion that matters in your life…Now.

It is Now O’ Clock…, time for the quote of this day.

Today’s quote: TRUST

“Trust God, and as you do your best, believe in yourself, be patient and trust your destiny, unquote.

I live by these words every day, and I share this quote every chance I get. However, I will be the first to admit that I do not always do my best. Most of the time I do just enough to get by, to get things to work, to live along. I’ve always been this way. Don’t ask me why. I don’t have a good answer. 

Belief in myself is another thing; a thing I do. It is what moves me to do the things I have done, this that I am doing right now, talking to you, and who knows what else I may get into. 

Often enough, I tell the people close to me that I am lazy. This too, I believe. But they don’t believe me. Instead, they remind me of some of the things I have done. That I had created a concept called, Poartry, the marriage between art and poetry; That I innovated this concept into a new concept I now call, Arttextry, the marriage between art and text; Arttextry Posters; That I invented and copyrighted a board game called, the Suppeenah Man, written and published 2 books and now, Minding Your Mind, the title of this podcast ; that these accomplishments required lots of Time, Mind and Energy, and that only God knows what I will do next. 

Maybe, it is that, in my mind, I make a distinction between   being lazy and being creative. Still, I often feel lazy. 

You don’t know me personally and I get the sense you may agree that I am not lazy. 

Maybe, I should meet in the middle of my mind and think of what I believe to be “lazy”, as simply relative.

Now, patience, I have a lot of that. I’m used to saying I have the patience God gave a rock. A rock just sits there, right? 

Furthermore, I live mindful that tomorrow is not going to get here any sooner than it will, and that I cannot live faster than the speed of Now. It is just the way it is. Remember, Is always beat If. 

Of course, I have my episodes of anxiety about the future. But, for me, it is in reminding myself to be mindful that I can manage my anxieties, and I do, as best I can.

When it comes to trust, well, that is simple. I trust God, and only because, he, she, or it, represents all that is good and right. 

I still do not believe I do my best. Yet, I believe in myself, and I am patient. 

At this point in my life, or any time before now, I have had no good reason distrust my destiny. It is the only way I know how to live.

Tune in next time for the quote of the day…. It may be that one quote you are searching for…. That quote that ignites your passion and gears you up for achievement…, or…, it may be the quote that…, as you journey through life…, illuminates your path…, brings you peace…, love…, and happiness. Share what you find here with someone else. It may be a quote…, that for them…, may set them…, or keep them on a path to a better life.

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