Welcome to season 2…, Mindful Quotes, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A series of my own fresh and original inspirational quotes…. Of course, we can all benefit from being inspired…, and many of us have our favorite quote. 

Some of you may be searching for yours…. That one quote that inspires you to be a better, healthier, and happier You…. Of course, Success as well…, embodies these attributes. 

There is a quote here for almost everyone. Listen for yours.

Hello. I am William Garcia, Philosopher, author of the book titled, Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is, and…, your host.

Being a Mindfulness practitioner…, and before I open with the quote of this day, I invite you to join me in a mindfulness affirmation… Ready…. First…, take a deep breath with me…. That felt good, right? Now…, repeat after me…, It is Now O’ Clock…. I am… I am here … I am here now… I am open to be inspired.  

Now…, let’s take another deep breath.

Of course…, you can affirm your mindfulness and do the breathing exercise on your own or with someone else, and I strongly recommend you do. Make it at least a twice daily routine. But if you also want to do it with me…, let’s do it.

 I believe this mindfulness affirmation will help tune your sense of presence…, your mindful sense of presence in the only occasion that matters in your life…Now.

It is Now O’ Clock…, time for the quote of this day.

 Is it true that experience is a dear teacher? If it is, what does the teacher require of us?

 Today’s quote : TEACH ME

“We are taught how to operate a motor vehicle. But it is traffic that teaches us how to drive. We are taught the a, b, cs and about the birds and the bees. But it is Life that teaches us how to live. Pay attention, unquote.

Focus, concentration, noticing, presence of mind, paying attention, and mindfulness are basically, and in one way or another, the same things. 

These are mental abilities used to gain knowledge and awareness about what we are experiencing. Abilities used to make sense of whatever it is we face in life, and how to design at life of peace, tranquility, love, and happiness.

Of course, we are all different. Yet, we are similar in many ways. We are of the same species, after all. We are humans; thinking beings with the choice to apply our abilities to design the live we want to live.

Of course, the force of life affects us in ways only we can feel, describe, and make sense of. 

As such, there is no one way or right way. There is only one You. There is only your way; the way you choose.

Still, be mindful in that, as with the use of any tool, practice and time sharpens them. Just the same, wear, tear and time renders them in need of repair, replacement or simply obsolete.

So, it is wise to always be curious, a seeker of new knowledge, open minded, mentally nimble, and health conscious. 

At different stages and occasions of, and in my life, I have had to choose a different tool to clear my path or blaze a new one, and not necessarily by choice, but by the force of life as it happened. 

It was, and still is, so important to me to be adaptable and healthy. Being this way, I am in the best condition and, or, position to learn what life teaches me, and how to use its lessons to be a better Me, living a better life. 

At this stage of my life, I do not know if there are other tools and ways available to me that I have not used or may not have needed to use. However, what I am sure of, is that because I do not know, does not mean there are no other. 

In the continuum, what is essential and what matters to me, is that the lessons I’ve learned through experience, whether driving in traffic or just living along, is why I perceive my life to be as it is, and I am pleased and at peace.

Class is always in session, and the teacher ready to teach; Pay attention.

I wish you all the best on your journey.  

Tune in next time for the quote of the day…. It may be that one quote you are searching for…. That quote that ignites your passion and gears you up for achievement…, or…, it may be the quote that…, as you journey through life…, illuminates your path…, brings you peace…, love…, and happiness. Share what you find here with someone else. It may be a quote…, that for them…, may set them…, or keep them on a path to a better life.

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