Today’s quote is titled: Live along, and get along, unquote.  Living along is what we are all doing, day in and day out. Now getting along, well, that is another thing.

I am not suggesting no one is getting along. Fortunately, enough of us are. But especially during these times, more “us” would be better. More people being kind. More people being nonjudgmental. More people being helpful. More people being kind, nonjudgmental and helpful makes for a better Self, a better friend, a better town, a better city, a better state, a better country…, a better world. It would show how getting along makes a wonderful difference while living along our journey through life. I believe it would make being happy a usual state of Mind and Being.

To me, it is sadly ironic that something so simple and immensely rewarding for all, seems so difficult to achieve.    

My hope though, is that my contribution, in the form of my books, my Arttextry, and this podcast, has helped keep you on this path, and steered others toward pursuing and achieving this ideal.

Furthermore, I hope I have inspired you to continue to do your part, and maybe a little more. Contribute in whatever way and or, however much you can. If you decide to use the written or audio word, go for it. A word, a poem, an article, a book, or even a song, each has its own value and can make a positive difference.

Today I say that it has been a pleasure talking to you here and through my book, Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is.

Writing has been my hobby for a long time now, but I do not know when and if I will continue. I write out of pure inspiration, and I said the same thing after I published my first book. I told myself I would not write another. I did. So, who knows?

I get the sense, through your appreciation, the many Likes, the shares, and the Love for my work, that my contribution has made a positive difference, hopefully, to you listening right now, and the world.  

I also hope that I have not only inspired you to be a better you, living a better, healthier, and happier life, but that I have also inspired you to seriously consider the benefits of Mindfulness and how it can help you to slow down, take control and set your own pace. It has for me.

For my grandson, Angelito, I imagine that the world you will grow into will be very different than it was for me and that it all will simply be normal to you, and for the times you live in. But you will still be human. Always be mindful of this.

 I say this because what was Automation and Artificial Intelligence during my lifetime will have advanced to levels and speeds I can hardly imagine. The blending of life in cyberspace and the real world may be quite fluid.

On the other side of my Mind, I hope love, gratitude and kindness will never have lost its meaning and effect. I encourage you to share and spread these attributes to as many humans as you can. They don’t really exist in cyberspace. Sharing and spreading them will surely help with living along and getting along in the real and living world. I cannot imagine how it would not.

Also, be mindful that if you have the way and the freedom to set your own life-pace, that you should make every effort to take control and do it. Never lose you sense of curiosity and wonder about the natural world and your natural humanness. It is in you, to Love, to forgive when you should, to be compassionate, kind, and happy. Be and do these things. That they will be your contribution to humanity and will be welcomed to a grateful world. Living along and getting along is what it all should be about. One race, one love, one world. Te quiero, mi nieto.

It’s Now O’ Clock. Time for me to be grateful, and for you to live the best life you can. Thanx.