We have identified this invisible foe as the enemy in this war we are now fighting, and that enemy is the CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19. Of course, it is important to know your enemy, and because we do, we know what precautions to take.  The precautions (regular hand washing, social distancing and self-quarantine) put in place, are first and basic measures we must follow to protect ourselves and others we may encounter. They have been shown to be effective and continuing to be cautious makes all the sense in the world to me. It is the least we can do for now, unless and until other precautions become necessary. Until then, we must be mindful to strictly follow them. If we don’t, we can unwittingly become soldiers in the enemy’s army. Unfortunately, many already have, and too many continue to be.

The invisible foe that it is, General COVID-19 is scary enough. But when it looks like you or me, it is terrifying and deadlier. It has an insidious presence, a name, a face and even an address. It could be anywhere we are, or anywhere we go, and that includes our homes.

“Now, I have more to fear than an invisible foe”. “I am now afraid of you, as you may be of me”. “In which army am I a soldier”? “Am I foe or friend”? “But I am still afraid”. “I am not sure anymore”.

Many feel this way and are searching for answers. In the fog of this war, this mindset is understandable. However, until these and other questions you may have are answered, keep this in mind. Fear is fear regardless of whom or what. But it will not win this war when we fear a foe, with or without a face.

 Fortunately, and like you, most of the people I know, hear about and encounter, are in the “good” army. Many of those are the health care professionals who are fighting every day to free those who unwittingly became soldiers in the enemy’s army. Let us salute them and thank them. Because without them we cannot defeat the General and win this war. But together we can, and together we will. It is only a matter of Time. But we must continue to be cautious; not fearful.

Meanwhile, we must live the best life we can. But we must not allow fear dictate how we live that life. We must be mindful that fear of a future event or situation is not a present reality. It is only a thought experiment.

Here is a quote I hope would inspire you. “Now” is that constant instant between the past and the future. It is the only time we live and the only time we can do something about almost anything”. Despite it all, let it be our intention to live the best life we can, now. There is no other Time.

We can choose to make the best of a bad situation or event, and we should. We can still love and be loved, and we should. We can still care and be cared for, and we should. We can still enjoy and be enjoyed as we share our humanity with each other, and we should. Being fearless, we can still do all this and more, even while we practice caution.

  There is still so much more to be happy about, than there is to be sad. There is still more love in the world, than there is hate. There is still so much more to be grateful for, than there is to be unappreciative. There is still so much more to hope for, than there is despair. Look into your “self”. Pray, meditate or practice Mindfulness. You will find that there will still always be more right with you and the world, than there is wrong, regardless of what’s wrong with you and the world.

Let us all be fearless soldiers in the “good” army. Let us fight until we win. Let us be human for goodness sake. Let us not give face to an invisible foe.

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