It’s Thanksgiving again, time for family and friends to come together to celebrate over a feast fit for “kings” and “queens”. It is a time when the calendar reminds us to be grateful. But grateful for, or about, what? Regardless, being grateful for anything or anyone is always a good thing.

Fortunately, there is always something or someone to be grateful for, or about, all year long. Unfortunately, too many of us are stressed by a barrage of daily distractions, pressing obligations and one deadline after another. Sadly, it is the times we live in and when it seems we are always trying to catch our breath. Small wonder why remembering to be grateful becomes challenging.

 Regardless, it does not have to be this way. Calendar aside, we are always experiencing the ultimate reason to be grateful; Life. Then there is sharing and enjoying our lives with family and friends.

I know it is up to me to be mindful about being grateful throughout my daily life. It is up to me to slow down and take a moment to “be” grateful for those I love, for the abundance of things that are simple, meaningful and priceless; a brand-new sunrise, morning dew on a blooming flower, a cool breeze, an old fashion chat over a cup of coffee or tea, and so much else.

Try to make it a habit to take a moment, from time to time, to stop, take a deep breath and simply notice the world around you. You will find, that as simple an exercise this is, how much of a big difference it will make in your daily life. Try it. You will be grateful you did.

Imagine if more of us made “being” mindful to “be” so grateful. Imagine sharing that sense of gratitude with everyone, starting with those at the table this Thanksgiving. 

Still, we don’t have to leave it up to our imagination. This year, we can try something different. After you thank God for the meal you are about to receive, don’t begin to talk about things that can be divisive and disruptive. You know what I mean. Those kinds of conversations can ruin an experience that is supposed to be one of sharing and gratitude. Leave them for after dinner or, better yet, have them on a different occasion.

Traditions are what they are, and they all have a beginning. This Thanksgiving start something new; something that can be done on any day, date or time. You set the tone. Start by thanking those at the table for coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Talk about why you are grateful and ask that everyone talk about what or who they are thankful for.

It could be thanking someone at the table for simply being there, for the surprise visit, a congratulatory call, or for simply being who they are. Trust me, with so much to be grateful for, you will run out of food before you run out of conversation.

The truth is that expressions of gratitude reveal stories that bring us closer together. They remind us how special we are to each other. They may even make dinner taste so much better.  Talk about them. Tell your story. Share your sense of gratitude.

The reality is that reasons for Thanks-sharing happen all the time. We don’t need the calendar to remind us. We need only to be more mindful that being alive is reason enough. This Thanksgiving let Thanks-sharing be the whip cream on your favorite pie. Let Thanks-sharing be a daily expression of the life you are always experiencing.

 Reflect on this quote for a moment: “Now, is that constant instant between the past and the future. It is the only Time we live, and the only Time we can do something about almost anything”.

It’s Now O’ Clock. Time to be grateful. Thank you.


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