“Words can be used as keys or weapons. As keys, we use them in combination and sequence, so as to open minds as a way to capture the imaginations of those we try to persuade”.

Words not only matter, they are powerful and can be used to move others to do “good,” “evil,” or “nothing.” Just the same, we also use words to heal or to hurt. Words like “I love you” and “I’m sorry” comfort and bring people together. Other words used as weapons and perhaps not fit for print, can start a fight between two people or a war between two nations. Moreover, some of the words used in our culture are so negatively powerful that they are repudiated when used in full text, like the “N” word, for example. Its use is so egregious that it can get you fired from your job. Then there are other words used in full text, like “Fire” and “Bomb”. These words can cause fear and panic in certain situations. In fact, you could end up in jail for using these words.

Yes, the Fifth Amendment has its limits. However, I’m glad to say that most of the words we hear and use in everyday discourse are, for the most part, decent, caring, and loving. On the other hand, and out of consideration for others, we keep some words to ourselves. As you know, “some things are better left unsaid”.

    By the way, there is a word I became aware of only after having written it hundreds of times in my book, Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful … it Always is. It is a word that encompasses all that matters and one we say almost automatically and on a regular basis. Actually, in my book I mentioned two others. These words are usually used in greetings and in partings. The first are, “Be Safe” and “Stay Safe” and which I have substituted for the words “Be “Alert” (A Mindful Cue) and the second is the word “Fine” used in greetings as an abbreviated response to how we are actually doing. “Fine” is a word we use either because we’re in a hurry, running late or trying to avoid having a conversation (an old fashion chat).

Getting back to the word I first referenced at the beginning of the previous paragraph; the word “day.” If you said to me, “Have a great day” or “Have a good day”, I would respond in kind. But then, I gave this some thought and it occurred to me that these parting words referenced Time; a good or great “day”. Of course, these parting words are friendly exchanges we have become accustomed to use. However, I have my own thoughts about Time as being the inexhaustible element that it is, and of Life as being a finite experience lasting but an instant. In that spirit, I have substituted the word “day” for the word “Life”. Now, I say or respond, “Have a great “Life” and when I do, people pause as if to do a double take. Then they get it, and smile with gratitude. They realized someone just expressed care about their entire life, and that doesn’t happen often enough. Try it next time and you will see what I mean. It is not what we’re “accustomed” to hear and that’s OK. Appreciation takes awareness and change takes Time. Nevertheless, I appreciate the meaning behind saying, “Have a good or great day”. Still, I encourage you to start using the parting words, “Have a great Life”. Give them a try, if only to see the reactions.

        Here are a couple other parting words I hear too often; words that make me wonder with anticipation: “God bless”. Do you use these words? Is this a fill-in-the-blank moment? Should I assume that the person asks God to bless “Me”? Why not use the next instant and say “You”; “God bless you?” All it takes is one more word, one more syllable to say what you really mean if, that’s what you mean to say. If it is, just say it! “God bless you”.

     Now that I got that off my chest, I digress. So far, I have yet to be told “Have a great Life” and when I am, perhaps by you, I would very much appreciate it. Think about it. Telling someone to have a great “Life”, as they are living in the instance of their entire lives, is to speak to the truth of their present and unfolding reality; not just this day. Remember, we are ALWAYS living our entire lives in the present, in the Now, when it is always Now O’ Clock.

So, the next time you share parting words, I encourage you to say “Have a great Life”, for “Life” is indeed a great word; a powerful word. It describes all that matters and sharing it in parting words, I believe, is an idea worth spreading. I hope you do to. Have a great Life.

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