I wish all of you, the timeless and beautiful feelings of joy and happiness, especially during these Times when so many celebrate their respectively named holiday and what they mean. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa come to mind. However, it is to me, to be “aware” that regardless of name and meaning, the wish for feelings of joy and happiness come true because simple acts of Love are universal to all humans. To me, it matters that these feelings emanate from the good will and kindness one human being bestows upon another; humans, regardless of race, color or creed.

If only for this season, let’s treat the little things as gifts that don’t need to be wrapped in pretty paper and cute bows. I open a door for a stranger. You listen to someone who needs to talk. Someone brings you a drink of water. Another gives someone a pillow to lay on. She visits with the sick. He makes a child laugh. I give you one of the biggest little things; a Hug.

In the continuum, let’s “Be” always mindful that we don’t have to be friends to be friendly.

As you can see, simple acts of Love and kindness abound, and are always there for anyone to commit, just for goodness sake. If it would help, think of these simple acts of Love and kindness as spreading a contagious “Ease”. We all can use some ease if only for a moment from Time to Time; a precious Living Moment.

It matters to me, to be aware that I do not know what awaits me on the other side of Time. Yet, it matters to me that, in spite of that unknown, when talking about “Being” and Life and Living, the unknowable determine how I live a faith-based Life. Furthermore, the reality is that not one of us know what awaits us on the other side of Time, regardless what we believe. Still, my faith is fueled by the hope that what I believe will be manifest when I slip out of my spent body and into the other side of Time when and “where” my “eyes” are unveiled as the walls of thoughts in my mind fall, and the unknown becomes known to me. My hope is that it is revealed to me that, yes, Time may have been my master while I lived here on Earth, but that in Heaven, God is my king. Alternatively, and within what I understand to be the realm of possibility, there may only be “nothingness”; that which is neither known or unknown.

But we are here now, on this side of Time, in the realm of humans, when and where our condition and relations with each other is mostly based on things known, real or perceived to be real. This being my present reality, it matters more to me to share my present living moments with those I love and care about. Nevertheless, it is for me to do no harm, but to be warm even toward those whose holiday has a different name or meaning. It is for me to celebrate simply “Being” alive. It is to me, about “Being” as I am and as everything and everyone “Is” without judgment. It is to me to, “in-joy”, live the moments as they unfold before me and those, who in love and harmony, I share them with.

It is to me, to “Be” aware that the reality is that I do not run out of Time; that I simply run out of Life. It is to me, that there is Life only because there is Time and that we name periods of Time based on our cultures, customs and beliefs. But Time is irrespective to whatever name we assign to it or to whatever season we voice those names in celebration. It is to me, to “Be” mindful, and as often as I can, remind myself that the little and simple things in Life make a big, real, and special difference in the life of others. It is to me, to slow down so that I may notice those little things; those little nameless things that are just as worthy of great celebration, and as I do, taste Life one sip at a time any Time.

It is to me, to extend wishes of Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Times, Happy “Being”.

One Life; One Human; One act of Love at a time. To all; Have a great Life. CHEERS!

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