Success means different things to different people and most define it as, “the achievement of a goal”. However, my view is that I could not have achieved my goals without experiencing Success. On the other hand, I could experience Success without having achieved my goal. Of course, I would prefer to achieve my goal: who wouldn’t, and if I didn’t, surely I would feel disappointed, but not defeated. To feel defeated or that I had failed, I would have to disregard the “journey” which was necessary to achieve my goal in the first place.

It’s about “Results” they say; the embodiment of things tangible like a new car, house, a trophy or maybe even a plane. Then, there is the new job, technique, being published, an advanced degree or peak awareness through Mindfulness.

Tangible or not, the world identifies us as being successful because of these embodiments or statuses and the recognition is without the need to know what was involved in the commitment to endure the journey; a journey paved with hard work, sweat, tears, sacrifice, intermittent wins and temporary setbacks, stress, frustration, anxieties, disappointments and expectations on our way towards the goal.

One thing all successes have in common however, is that they all began with a single thought; an idea. Mindful of this idea, we’re animated and passionate about doing those things we believe would make the idea a present reality some “Now” into the future.

Before I continue, I would like to share my definition of Success as I “Feel” it. Success, to me, is a series of emotional experiences lived while in the pursuit of a worthy goal. It is living with intention, passion and purpose. This is what the “journey” is all about. Paradoxically enough, it matters not whether the goal is achieved. The experience of Success is still a necessary precondition and for me it is deeply personal and only I can feel it. No one can experience it for me. The same is true about feelings of disappointment.

Here I am suggesting that one can be successful even if the goal is not achieved. Having said so, I am mindful that, for many, failure to achieve a goal means one is less than successful. I disagree. It doesn’t change the reality and the importance of the life you’ve lived while in pursuit of the goal. With this in mind, my meaning of Success also suggests that one cannot fail in terms of life lived while in the pursuit of a worthy goal. This life lived should never be thought of as a waste of life; a waste of time; a waste of lifetime. It is all life; life best lived; win, lose or draw.


For those who believe that not achieving a goal makes you less than successful, see if you find meaning in this a quote. “Think of Failure as nothing more than a temporary experience. It is not a permanent condition or a terminal disease. Experience it, and then let it go. Survive it and try again. Nothing scares away Failure, more than another try. Nothing is more attractive to Success, than courage; the courage to try again”.

When I set upon the achievement of a goal, it is with the belief that the goal can be achieved; otherwise I would not act. Then when I decide to act, there often seems to be a lurking feeling of the fear of failure. Now, imagine pursuing that same goal, but with “anxious anticipation” as opposed to fear. Anxious anticipation is my own perception about outcomes and this mindset seems less stressful. For me, it’s all about perspective and this perspective is what makes it easier for me to pursue goals; to achieve goals.

When I commit to the pursuit of a goal I do not shut down or disregard all other facets of my life. I still live my entire life as I go on about pursuing my goals and I do so mindful of “Being” in the present, when leaving anything out is impossible. Of course I could “Thought Surf”. However, it does not change the reality that my life is always whole in the Now.

Furthermore, it is vital to me that the quality of the life I now live, as I pursue my goal, be nonetheless meaningful and satisfying. It may as well be. I’m headed in that direction anyway.

I believe life is a Journey mostly fueled by emotional experiences that as best I can, I try to regulate through thoughts and perceptions. I also believe that life’s pursuits, however sophisticated or simple, are temporary episodes (mini-series) experienced during the Journey that is, my entire life.

Here is another quote to ponder. “The Thrill lives in the Hunt, but dies with the Kill. The Thrill is about making the most of your life while in the Now. You may as well. We are all “Traveling Hostages” of the Present as we journey through life in Time. Then there is the Hunt; the intentional pursuit of a worthy goal; an episode interwoven into our lives as a whole and culminating with the Kill; the goal achieved and the reset of a new goal.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S.; an Acronym
S. Serious. The pursuit of a worthy goal should be taken seriously.
U. Unstoppable. You should be passion-driven as you pursue your goal. Don’t beat yourself up if you encounter setbacks. Press on with anxious anticipation.
C. Commitment. A high degree of commitment is required if you are to achieve your goal. Realize that “Attaining many things in life is much easier than making the commitment to actually attain them”.
C. Confidence is what keeps us moving toward our goal. It is where positive expectation comes from. It is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It is what pulls us into the future.
E. Eager. Of course, you will need to have the (get-up-and-go) to get to where you want to be. Keep your Emotional tank filled with Enthusiasm gas.
S. Smart. Know what to do, what steps to take, follow directions, figure things out, seek advice, research, etc.?
S. Satisfied. You should be satisfied as you actually achieve your goal. You should nonetheless be satisfied if you have done all that was required and did not; its life. The Universe do not always conspire with us, and it may be why we don’t always get what we want even having done all that was required or expected. Still, the time and the experiences lived, will never have been in vain. It is your life lived. It is one of the many episodes of your life, and being qualified to say, “I gave it my best”, talks to the Journey, your Journey, and the series of emotional experiences lived. 


A worthwhile time, of life lived.

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