4 stars

By Bob Reyes Hafner on October 8, 2016
Format: Paperback

After reading the beginning chapters, I realized that I could skip chapters and read other chapters without losing the flow of meaning presented by the author. Each chapter presents a way of understanding “time” and how it affects our life. There are nuances of interpretation of time and the power of being in the present, the poetic dance with the words assisted in discovering a new awareness of being “Mindful” and discovering issues that need to be corrected in my life. I was challenged with the readings only because my own ego wanted to intervene and say, “NO” Mr. Garcia you are wrong! I believe if you have read, The Power of Intention, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, or The Surrender Experiment, by Michael A. Singer, you will also like Now O’ Clock.
I enjoyed the book and thankful for “Now O’ Clock” and “Mindfulness Meditation”

Bob Reyes Hafner
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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