5 stars

By Amazon Customer on November 16, 2016
Format: Paperback

From a woman’s point of view, this book through and through shows you the power of love. The love a man has for his wife, the love of a great wife and the product of her love towards her daughters and husband. The book Now O’ Clock, opens your eyes, and allows you to see yourself and how you value your time with yourself and family. Slowing down to enjoy the beauty of your life, life accomplishments, family and friends, because we don’t know when our clock will run out. It was extremely difficult for me to read through page 102- “Her Last Best Friend and The Living Monument We Continue to Build for Her”. It brought back a flood of emotions that I went through with my Mother-n- law, who passed from breast cancer. And it made me stop right then and re-evaluate my current life. Am I letting the beast control me or am I controlling the beast. I choose to live and live in the now. I give this book a five star rating, because it accomplish the purpose it was created to do. It makes you see yourself, give you choices, and then suggest you be mindful of time, slow down and enjoy life. Thank You.

Erica Marshall
CEO of Dry and Cool Baby Wear LLC / DACBW.com.

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