Now O’ Clock; Being Mindful, it Always is. This title hints at what the plot could be about. The book’s theme is mostly based on the significance and benefits of living in the present and of thinking about “energy management” as doable, and of “time management” as something that simply cannot be done. The author, William Garcia, believes we can no more manage the weather than we could manage Time. He nevertheless suggest that you think of the idea of “time management” as merely a mental tool.

With these in mind, the author lives by his original quote and encourages you to do the same. Here it is: Trust God, and as you do your best, believe in your Self, be patient, and trust your destiny – WG.

Living by these words makes his life easier, simpler and more manageable.He also encourages readers, or listeners for that matter, to learn about and start practicing mindfulness meditation. It will, in a positive way, change their perspective about Time, Life and living.

Now O’ Clock; Being Mindful, it Always is, takes you on the inspiring journey toward the enlightened mindfulness of “being” in the moment and staying there long enough to be awakened to the mindless and stressful pace the Beast has set, and how, in insidious ways, it controls our daily lives. We already know the Beast as a “what,” not a “who”. Who, is what it has conditioned us to “be”.

In the book, the author introduces you to the Beast.

Power of Love! Who would not be familiar with it? The power of love can change the world into a wonderful place to live in. It is the glue that holds relationships between people, be it between friends, siblings, parents, or someone else. 

When we talk about the power of love, it is either perceived as a source to fulfill greed for money and other materialistic things. While for some, it’ is more than a ladder to reach a destination of temporary success. Generally, the image of love is more about a classic love story where two people are madly in love and exchange vows for a lifetime commitment.

 While this may be a typical example of the power of love, it is far from the one we witness and experience in real life – the love of family portrayed in stories. In fact, the power of love can make a positive difference in your life in countless ways.

What exactly involves the power of love? Let’s explore this question in light of , Now O’ Clock, a book by William Garcia.

From the perspective of Now O’ Clock, we’ll show you how the power of your love can make all the difference. Whether you need love to nourish a successful relationship, or to strengthen your relationship with a sibling or a friend. The review shared in this post will help you make the most of your time together. So, get ready to learn about the power of your love!

Insight into “Power of your Love” by William Garcia in his Book, Now O’ Clock.

The book Now O’ Clock, by William Garcia, is all about the power of love. It tells the story about the unconditional love needed to be there for someone whose life depended on it, and how that same love served to carry the caregiver through and beyond the ordeal. 

One of the main aspects of the book is that it teaches the power of love. The power of love is the ability to change someone’s life for better. The book provides strategies for using the power of love to improve one’s life.

In the book Now O’ Clock, the word love is used as a verb. It stresses the importance of love as being a positive act that engenders the feeling we describe as Love. The simple act of bringing a drink of water to someone who is thirsty, a chair for someone to sit on or a pillow for someone to lie on, are all acts of love that engenders positive feelings, or love, which is positive.

Caring is a first step towards the feeling of love. It ignites passion in any relationships which in turn, nourishes those relationships.

Power of forgiveness – Forgiveness allows us to release the past and open ourselves up to the present giving relationships a chance to survive and endure.

The notion behind the power of love is, that it is the most powerful force in the world. The power of your love can overcome almost any obstacle and can make the improbable, possible. Love is the most positive and powerful force there is in life. Without it, the world would be a much darker place.

Throughout the book, many quotes reveal the power of love. Here are a couple. 

“Love now, Love much, Love often, and let yourself be loved, and your life will be a more fulfilling and happier one. It’s Now O Clock. Who are you loving now”? – William Garcia

 “Love is more about “doing”, and the feeling we experience when someone loves us, follows the very act of love. When we reciprocate, there is love for two. There is “being” in love. Be an echo of love. Love that someone back”. WG

The Power of Love in Light Of Supporting Quotes

Whether you are looking for strategies to find the perfect partner, build the strongest family, or foster the deepest friendships, the power of love can help you achieve your goals. 

Let’s see how Garcia proved these statements in his book with help of the supportive quotes mentioned below;

Selective quotes on the Power of Love from the book, Now O’ Clock by William Garcia

“There are so many more opportunities to love someone than there are excuses not to. Now you know. Now you have no excuse”. – WG

“Love now, love much, love often, and let yourself be loved and your life will be a more fulfilling and happier one. It’s now O’ Clock. Who are you loving now’? – WG

 These quotes reveal the power of love; that there so many opportunities to love and that it brings happiness and peace into our lives. 

According to Garcia, love is the most powerful and positive force in the world and the key to handle tough situations in life. No matter what challenges we face in life, love deserves a chance to make things better. 

Besides, the wisdom of the ages is also reflected in the teachings of Now O’ Clock – the power to transform your life through the power of love. Whether you seek greater happiness, peace, or simply the power to overcome obstacles, Now O’ Clock’s lessons and insights will help you find the strength, clarity, and love you need to face life’s challenges. 

Want to dig out more aspects of love power as illustrated in the book by William Garcia? Order your book today, read the book and share how you perceived the power of love in the book, Now O’ Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is.

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