Now O’ Clock; Being Mindful, it Always is. This title hints at what the plot could be about. The book’s theme is mostly based on the significance and benefits of living in the present and of thinking about “energy management” as doable, and of “time management” as something that simply cannot be done. The author, William Garcia, believes we can no more manage the weather than we could manage Time. He nevertheless suggest that you think of the idea of “time management” as merely a mental tool.

With these in mind, the author lives by his original quote and encourages you to do the same. Here it is: Trust God, and as you do your best, believe in your Self, be patient, and trust your destiny – WG.

Living by these words makes his life easier, simpler and more manageable.He also encourages readers, or listeners for that matter, to learn about and start practicing mindfulness meditation. It will, in a positive way, change their perspective about Time, Life and living.

Now O’ Clock; Being Mindful, it Always is, takes you on the inspiring journey toward the enlightened mindfulness of “being” in the moment and staying there long enough to be awakened to the mindless and stressful pace the Beast has set, and how, in insidious ways, it controls our daily lives. We already know the Beast as a “what,” not a “who”. Who, is what it has conditioned us to “be”.

In the book, the author introduces you to the Beast.

When you look into the past, you either feel nostalgic, happy, or traumatized due to painful memories. When you think about the future, you get overwhelmed considering the obstacles that may be in your way or get anxious about any expected surprises that may arise

The only time you can control your emotions and keep your peace is when you focus on the present, when you are being mindful of your own presence in the Now.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the nostalgia of the past or to be concerned about the future. But neither of these exist in the moment. The only moment that exists is, the present. So why not learn how to enjoy the present moment and live in the Now?

When you are mindful of being in the present, you will find easier to experience your happy Self. Though it may sound easier said than done,  it is possible with specific tips and practices. 

The secret behind a happy life, is learning to live in the present moment. According to W. Garcia ,in his book Now O’Clock, the present moment is the only time there is and it is up to us to make the most of our lives while we have it. 

Garcia teaches readers how to live in the present moment by learning about, and practicing, mindfulness. Living mindfully in the present moment, and focusing on what is happening to you and the world around you, keeps you grounded.

He further suggests adopting habits and practices like; 

–        Setting aside time each day for personal reflection and meditation

–        Engaging in regular physical activity

–        Make an effort to focus entirely on whatever you are doing

–        Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

How does W. Garcia, in his book Now O’Clock, teach us to live in the present moment?

Beyond simply being present in the moment, Garcia emphasizes the importance of savoring our experiences and practicing gratitude for all that we have. When we appreciate what we have in life – instead of worrying about what might be missing or what we do not have yet – it becomes easier to find ways to be happy in the present moment.

One of the most effective strategies for living in the present moment is to practice mindfulness. This activity requires paying close attention to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they are, and not as you would like them to be. 

Below are a few selective quotes from the book Now O’ Clock highlighting ways to enjoy the present moment

“Try as often as you can to remind your Self to have your body and mind in the same place and time; to be present in the only “occasion” of your life, Now”. William Garcia

“The fact is that nothing happens outside the Now. Nothing happens without Time, and there is one and only one time…, Now”. WG 

“Now is the first Time of the continuous beginning of the rest of your life. This is true, simply because it is always the first time you live in this present moment”. WG

“Life happens at the speed of Now. Slow down or you will miss it”. WG

“Now is that constant instant between the past and the future. It is the only time we live and the only time we can do something about almost anything”. WG

By incorporating these essential teachings from the book Now O’ Clock, we can learn to live in the present and truly savor each moment of our lives. 

Best Ways to Enjoy the Present Moment. How to live in the now?

When it comes to enjoying the present moment, there are many different ways. Following are the seven best ways to live in the present and enjoy every moment that life offers.

1. Cherish the moment with your loved ones

Spending time with your loved ones is a great way to enjoy the present moment. Whether you are enjoying a picnic, watching your favorite movie, or simply having a conversation over coffee, there are countless ways to connect with the people you care about and savor the moment.

2. Find joy in the little things

Another key to living in the present is finding joy in even the smallest moments and experiences. Whether it’s taking a walk in nature, or practicing yoga, finding joy in the everyday things can help you appreciate and cherish each moment.

3. Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is another great way to live in the present moment[MK1] Spare some time for yourself. Find where it is quiet, and you can be alone for a few moments to a few minutes. Notice your breathing and take a deep breath. Experience your surrounding through your senses. 

4. Live in the now by Staying Engaged in Whatever Activity You Are Doing.

Learn to live in the NOW by keeping yourself engaged in any fascinating activity, be it cooking dinner, or going to work. When you give your full attention to the task at hand, you can appreciate and enjoy the experience more fully.

5. Relieve All Negative Emotions – Forgive, Forget, & Move On

One of the best ways to live in the present is to acknowledge any hurt or regrets you may be carrying from the past. By holding on to them, we tend to view life through a lens of negativity and often miss out on the beauty, abundance, and joy that is all around us. Try to let them go for once and for all time.

6. Surround yourself with Positive People who bring you joy.

Another key to living in the present is to surround yourself with people who give you positive vibes. When you are around people who make you feel good, it’s easier to let go of negative thoughts or emotions and simply enjoy the moment.

7. Be Grateful for all that you have

Lastly, being grateful for everything is an ultimate strategy to live in the present and cherish every current moment. When you take the time to appreciate all the good in your life, it’s easier to let go of any negativity and simply enjoy the moment.

Just remember, the key to happiness and fulfillment is learning how to fully embrace the present moment, no matter what you are doing. Whether it’s spending time with loved ones, finding joy in the small things, or simply being mindful and grateful, there are countless ways to savor each and every moment of your life. 

Wondering, now living in the moment can benefit your life? Let’s count the top advantages mentioned below;

Benefits of Enjoying & Living in the Present Moment

1. You’re fully alive when you’re living in the present moment. You’re experiencing life to the fullest, not living in the past or the future.

2. When you learn to enjoy the present moment, you don’t dwell on things of the past; things that affect your peace of mind. You’re just enjoying the present moment.

3. When you’re living in the present moment, you can fully appreciate all of the beauty and joy around you. 

4. Finally, your mind is calm and peaceful when you’re living in the present moment. Instead of worrying about everything that might go wrong in the future, you can fully enjoy each moment as it comes. 

So if you’re looking for happiness, joy, and contentment in your life, learning how to live and enjoy the present moment can help you find it.

After all, this is the only moment that truly matters. Live it to the fullest! Take a new start by committing to savor each moment and practice gratitude for all that you have.

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