Now O’ Clock; Being Mindful, it Always is. This title hints at what the plot could be about. The book’s theme is mostly based on the significance and benefits of living in the present and of thinking about “energy management” as doable, and of “time management” as something that simply cannot be done. The author, William Garcia, believes we can no more manage the weather than we could manage Time. He nevertheless suggest that you think of the idea of “time management” as merely a mental tool.

With these in mind, the author lives by his original quote and encourages you to do the same. Here it is: Trust God, and as you do your best, believe in your Self, be patient, and trust your destiny – WG.

Living by these words makes his life easier, simpler and more manageable.He also encourages readers, or listeners for that matter, to learn about and start practicing mindfulness meditation. It will, in a positive way, change their perspective about Time, Life and living.

Now O’ Clock; Being Mindful, it Always is, takes you on the inspiring journey toward the enlightened mindfulness of “being” in the moment and staying there long enough to be awakened to the mindless and stressful pace the Beast has set, and how, in insidious ways, it controls our daily lives. We already know the Beast as a “what,” not a “who”. Who, is what it has conditioned us to “be”.

In the book, the author introduces you to the Beast.

It is easy to get engrossed in daily responsibilities and forgetting about one’s well-being. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement, especially in our personal lives. Luckily, we have access to unlimited resources and information that can help us become better versions of ourselves.

This ultimate guide for personal life management will show you how to get your life under control. We will discuss;

–        The meaning of personal life management & how not implementing it can put people in big trouble

–        What certain aspects included in personal life management where we need to work on.

–        How W. Garcia guides readers about personal life management in his book, Now O’ Clock.

After reading this enlightening guide, you will not only acknowledge the worth of personal life management, but will also witness a prominent change in your life. 

Learning the Meaning of Personal Life Management

Personal life management means organizing and managing personal affairs and activities. It is imperative for a happy and peaceful life as it allows us to focus on what is important while taking care of our responsibilities. 

Personal life management also helps us avoid stress and anxiety by providing a clear plan for our day-to-day activities. Do you know what problems people can face without implementing personal life management?

Well, not implementing personal life management can put people in various problems. It could be relationship issues, financial difficulties, health concerns, or simply feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Once they embrace personal life management, they are likely to witness the drastic improvements in their lives. 

For example, they may have more clarity and focus, feel more in control of their lives, and experience less stress and anxiety. Additionally, personal life management can help people build stronger relationships, improve their financial situation, and achieve better health. 

Ultimately, personal life management can be an effective tool that can help people live happier, more fulfilling lives. 

What Certain Aspects Include in Personal Life Management What We Need to Work On?

When it comes to personal life management, there are certain aspects that we need to be aware of in order to make the most of our lives. In his book Now O’ Clock, William Garcia highlights some critical points that we need to focus on regarding personal life management.

Those basic points are;

1.     We need to have a clear and concise personal mission statement

This personal mission statement should be something that we can refer back to when we are feeling lost or uncertain about our lives. It should remind us what we are trying to achieve in life and why we are doing it.

2.     Need to set personal goals

These goals should be SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based. By having these goals, we can ensure that we are constantly working towards something and making progress.

3.     Importance of taking care of our physical health

He emphasizes the need to eat healthy foods, exercises regularly, and get enough sleep. By taking care of physical health, we can ensure that we have the energy and stamina to achieve our goals.

4.     We need to have balance in our lives.

He suggests that we maintain a healthy work-life balance not to become overly stressed or overwhelmed, but to balance personal and professional aspects of life. By incorporating these personal life management strategies into our lives, we can ensure that we are leading happy and peaceful lives.

A crucial part of personal life management is setting and achieving goals. Whether it is a personal goal like losing weight, or a professional goal like landing your dream job, having clearly defined goals can help you stay focused and motivated.

How Garcia Guides About Personal Life Management?

William Garcia defines personal life management as “the art of living deliberately and with intention.” In his book Now O’ Clock, Garcia provides readers with a step-by-step guide to personal life management. 

–        He begins by helping individuals assess their current situation and identify their goals

–        Garcia helps them develop a plan to achieve those goals. 

–        He guides how to implement and maintain these personal management strategies over time.

William Garcia’s book “Now O Clock” is an excellent resource for personal life management. The author has provided stepwise guide to create and maintain a personal life plan in this book. He also includes quotes from famous people who emphasize personal life management.

Some key points from Garcia’s book include:

“The first step in personal life management is setting goals. Goals give us something to strive for and help to keep us focused on what is important.”

“It is also important to schedule time for activities that are important to us. This includes time for family, friends, hobbies, and personal development.”

“Personal life management is a process that requires ongoing effort. We need to review our goals and activities on a regular basis to ensure that they are still relevant and achievable.”

“Effective life-in-time management is also an essential component of personal life management. It allows you to be more productive and achieve all of your personal and professional goals in less time.”

Throughout his book, Garcia emphasizes the importance of personal reflection, self-awareness, goal-setting, and prioritization. He encourages individuals to develop a personal mission statement that guides them in their daily decision-making process. 

In addition, he stresses the need for regular check-ins to ensure that one is staying on track. By following Garcia’s advice, individuals can learn to manage their personal lives better and achieve greater happiness and satisfaction.

Brief Look Into Now O Clock

The book, Now O Clock. Being Mindful, it Always is, can be said to be the ultimate offering solution to handle life and live at its best. An audiobook through which author has given answers and guidance to readers from his own life experiences. 

Be it teaching life-in-time management strategies to adults or professionals, teaching how to live in the present, or offering a way to implement personal life management. This book has something to offer anyone looking for a self-care book or guide for personal development. 

Order your copy today!

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