Tomorrow will not get here any sooner than it will. So, there is time to contemplate 2021; A new year, a new dawn; A new time to take a fresh look into the future of You.

There will be, as there always is, many, many things new in and about life and living. But there is one particular “newness” I want to draw your attention to. It is the most powerful new element there is. In fact, whether you are aware of it or not, this “new” element is inescapable, unattainable and ageless. It is inescapable simply because it is always present, unattainable because you can’t get it. You are born in it. It never gets old simply because, it just is. 

But first, let us remember, as painful as it may be for many, why it is so important to embark upon a new journey. For too many of us, 2020 has been a very tumultuous year. It has been a busy and destructive hurricane season, millions out of work, businesses closing their doors, many for good; a time in the life of a fractured society, a hotly and ugly contested election, the rise of serious concern about the specter of Authoritarianism, Socialism and, most alarmingly, the demise of our Democracy.

In the end the result of what has been, by most objective accounts, a fair and proper election, has also been stressed with a rapid fire of “legal” challenges courts throughout the land and the Supreme court have had to deny or dismiss. Maybe now the usual and customary transition of power will run smoother. 

Disgracefully, all of this has gone on in spite the wrath laid upon us by the historic, unforgiving, indiscriminate, and deadly COVID19 pandemic. Confusion about what is the “truth”, mass disinformation and the pointless fight between the Masked and the Mask-less only made matters worse. Experts say these have only cemented divisions, resulted in thousands of preventable deaths and heart-breaking suffering.

My heart goes out to the victims of hurricanes, economic hardships, and especially those who have lost loved ones and those who are still suffering.

There is hope though. Now, COVID vaccinations are already being administered and the roll out will continue throughout 2021. Soon enough COVID19 infections will become as manageable as the Flu.

Hopefully, there will be a positive ripple effect on all else that has happened during 2020. It would allow us to slowly exhale, take a long deep fresh breath and seize the opportunity to shift our focus toward realizing a better future and a better Self; A new and happy You.

However, becoming a better Self; a better You, will depend upon letting go of the past and embracing positive expectations about the future; your future, the future of those you love, and the world. But you must start with stepping out of your 2020 Self and into the new You with happiness as the daily goal. Start with taking better care of your Self, being kind to your Self, being grateful for being you and all that is good and right about life and living.

Invite someone else to join you on this journey. They will appreciate it. Together you will find that your journey will bring other people together as one; one of you, one of me, and one of us.

“We” make the world go around, not “I”; so add a little “Us” into your Life and thank God that “We” exist, together, right here, right Now.”. 

You will find that “one” is indeed the biggest and most powerful number. After all, counting begins with the number 1 and your life begins with the only one of You there ever was, is, or ever will be. You are as unique and new as the Moment; the one element that is inescapable, always present and unattainable.

“Fish do not get water, and Man do not get air. Each is born in its own element. Just the same, Man nor Fish get Time; they’re born in it”.

Now is always a unique moment, and being in a unique moment makes You brand new in this moment. After all, it is always true that it is always the first time we live in this unique moment that is the edge of Time. This is why I believe we are always new even as we grow old. So, we may as well “be” as we are; New. Why not?

For this reason, I do not make new year resolutions. What I do instead is be resolute in trying to be always mindful and aware that I can only be alive in the present moment, in this Now, and because my life unfolds in a seamless and continuous stream of Nows; not seconds, hours, days or months. Of course, I have goals. But they too unfold as I do in Time.

“Now is that constant instant between the past and the future. It is the only Time I live, and the only Time I can do something about almost anything”.

The future is a time I do not and cannot exist in until it elapses into the present. Meanwhile, it can only be a fantasy that exist in my mind. I exist now, only now. Only now can I “be”. Only now can I do. Only now can I be kind to my Self. Only now can I care. Only now can I do what I need to do to move on and into my journey towards a happy “me” I deserve to “be”.

As unique as we all are, our journey will be uniquely different. But the goal of experiencing daily happiness will be the same and so should one of our other goals be, to share and inspire others to seek the same.

By the way, if you don’t already, I recommend that you learn about and start practicing Mindfulness meditation. I do, and it really makes a positive difference in my daily life.

“Doing anything positive for someone else, or for ourselves, makes a positive difference all around. It can be like spreading a contagious “Ease”; a positive act that does not have to be anything spectacular. It could be to simply say, “I love you” or “I’m here if you need to talk”. It could be the offer to bring someone a drink of water, a chair to sit on, or a pillow to lie on”.

Going forward, I encourage you to start your new day tomorrow being a mindful You, a happy You with a fresh perspective and not to just wake up to smell the coffee, but to slow down and taste Life one sip at a time. Cheers!!

I leave you with some of my other inspirational quotes:

                                          ONE DAY LESS

 “Every day I live, leaves me one day less to live. Mindful of this reality, I live in the only occasion of my life; Now”. William Garcia

                                          A FRESH SENSE

“Time allows us the opportunity to experience a fresh sense of presence in the Now. It allows us to always “be” new even as we grow old”. William Garcia.

                               THE CONTINOUS BEGINNING

“Now” is the first “Time” of the continuous beginning of the rest of your life. This is true simply because it is always the first time you live in this present moment” William Garcia

It’s Now O’ Clock. Have a great Life.

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